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was not a figment of anyone's imagination. do you have a situation where the state department, the c.i.a., and the white house together reshaped the talking points and messed with the realityies the c.i.a. knew that took place on the ground. so yesterday jen, spokes, came forward and made it clear it was the c.i.a. that changed the talking points, as if we didn't see these 100 e-mails. listen. >> it does confirm that these were c.i.a. drafted and c.i.a. finalized talking points and that a number of the concerns raised in this building were separately, on a different track, raised in that building as well. i leave that to all of you and to others to determine whether it equals the concern, but i think it certainly does put a lot of facts and clarity for people. >> gretchen: wasn't that the mission from the beginning, to be able to hook the c.i.a., to be able to say it was the c.i.a. who did it? i think that may be was the mission from the beginning because most people would believe the c.i.a. right? they were on the ground. they were investigating. the problem is that there is this chain
that people had one conclusion and the c.i.a. had another. >>steve: the white house released e-mails concocted and disseminated three days after the attack. >>brian: between the white house and state department. >>gretchen: and the c.i.a. >>steve: the reason that the white house went into damage control -- you can see here on the front page of the "new york times" -- an onset of woes raises questions on obama vision. the president was taking it not only from those on the right but those on the left as well. so what does he do? he puts out the e-mail. then with just enough time to wind up his story in the evening news -- he had a press conference that was supposed to start at 6:00. instead it was about 6:20, he went out and announced the acting director, commissioner of the internal revenue service was going to be resigning. that guy right there, steve miller, he would be resigning. what he didn't say was that that guy was going to leave the job any way in june and he's going to keep that job until june as well. crazy. >>gretchen: i think the strategy here was if you were inside the white house
conclusions that the c.i.a. put forward from his intelligence. when you have 12 revisions of talking points minimum, when they change, when the people of the united states don't get the right conclusions from their government, i think that's dishonoring. i have think the fact that the press is pushing to get out the truth, i think that is honoring. and then to dishonor is to not name the people that actually killed those people, to not pursue them, to not bring them to justice, still investigating, the way he's investigating the use of chemical weapons in syria. we're still looking into it. bottom line is i don't think you should be insulting people that are looking to find out what led up to the conclusions the president made that give so many different answers to who did this on 9-11-12. the c.i.a. says i had intercepts, i heard these guys taking credit to each other. i put it out there. then it got changed when it went to state department back and forth to the white house. why is there no there there? there is plenty there. >> steve: absolutely. the room was full of reporters yesterday a
times as he down played what the c.i.a. was putting in the report, what they actually came out with, who was to blame for the conclusions that proved to be faulty. >>steve: any time there is a question asked of jay carney and it is something prepared for, if you notice, he reads a card off the top of his lectern. he's got things he's supposed to say. he is just the mouthpiece for this administration. it is the job of the white house press corps to ask the really tough questions. it is interesting because people are starting to wake up in the mainstream media -- thank goodness. maureen dowd yesterday wrote the administration's behavior before and during the attack in benghazi in which four americans died was unworthy of the greatest power on earth. there were other people in the mainstream media going we kind of trusted these guys. maybe we shouldn't have. >>brian: pickering is pushing back hard. former secretary of defense gates yesterday came forward. he said if i was secretary of defense, i wouldn't have sent an f-16 over there because i was afraid shoulder fire missiles might take the
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4